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We became alarmed about Civil Defense after learning from Doctors For Disaster Preparedness that (after 9-11) fire department emergency responders were given (useless) Geiger counters designed to warn them if radiation passed 15 millirem (the actual danger to a human being starts at some 150 times this amount).  We learned that this number came from the Environmental Protection Agency, the agency which often has preposterous requirements; for example the Yucca Mountain storage site for used nuclear fuel must not emit more than 15 millirem for 10,000 years!! Some atom bomb survivors in Nagasaki received 1,000 to 19,000 millirem of radiation.  This site shows links with realistic assessments of dangers and risks.  The greatest threat to America from terrorism is the damage we do to ourselves.  Under EPA requirements a "dirty bomb" which actually contaminated a city block would mean evacuating half the city. (Ed.)

Knowledge and Defenses for Citizens common sense precautions and protections
Radiation Dose Chart --Exposure in Rem and Millirem from common activities

4/15/13  U.S. Rethinks How To Respond to Nuclear Disaster lessons from Japan where 160,000 evacuated from homes, but no change in radiation limits threat

9/10/12  Fukushima Evacuation Was Not Necessary  50,000 persons & billions of dollars costs based on false threat analysis based on old 15 mrem supposed risk   American Nuclear Society report (very long takes time to download)

4/05/11 How to Rate Harm From Radiation-- NY Times--Measurments, real information, 200 Rem appears to be beginning of high risk ---Measuring Radioactive Elements and Their Effects on Human Cells - Alpha, beta, gamma, iodine131, cesium137
   Comparable Radiation Limits for Yucca Mountain -- "
For the first 10,000 years after nuclear waste is buried at Yucca, the federal agency set a standard of 15 additional millirem of annual radiation exposure to a theoretical person living 11 miles south in the Amargosa Valley, the equivalent of a chest X-ray.  For thousands of years after that and up to 1 million years, the amount of allowable additional radiation exposure would be 100 millirem annually."  More Idiocy From the EPA

4/04/11 How and What Nuclear Detectives Learn From Fallout --incredible knowledge of nuclear accidents or bombs

12/15/10  Government New Advice To Survive Nuclear Bomb terrorist attack--- stay in place, avoid fallout, don't flee in panic --(this is new, for years advice was to flee-terrorist single bomb is differenct from massive missile attack with multiple bombs

6/06/10  EPA requires Evacuation if over 5 REM Radiation Exposure  but exposure to over 100 REM is necessary for any onset of serious radiation damage to body  See also Health Effects of Radiation for precise estimates of number of REM to cause certain effects, e.g 75 REM = hair loss, 100 REM for hemorrhage, 400 for possible death

6/04/10  Dirty Bombs -- The Threat Revisited  Excellent analysis and technical description of threat and risk-- much less than media hype--risk is what America does to itself in response

5/18/08  Few Americans Prepared for Terrorism, Epidemic or Weather --What Government Needs To Do

2/02/08  "Appalling Gap" Found in Homeland Defense Readiness  National Guard units under strength and lacking training

11/11/07  Suitcase Nukes May Not Exist - proof lacking

8/30/07  Dirty Bombs Quick Reference Material  various fact sheets, St. Louis University School of Public Health

8/30/07  Radiological Terrorism (Dirty bombs) Fact Sheet 

8/15/07  American Civil Defense Association   lots of info

8/12/07  "Dirty Bombs"  Radiation Effects from Such Devices Likely to Be too Low to Calculate, Health Physicist Says  (2002 report still relevant)

9/18/06   Washington Way Behind in Aquiring-Storing Anthrax Vaccines  researching more modern replacement, can't decide

11/16/05  U.S. Sensitive to Accusations of Using White Phosphorous chemical bombs used in Falluja to force enemy into the open to be killed More on denials and information

9/17/05  Iran rights Under Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

9/07/05  Chernobyl's Harm Was Far Less Than Predicted, U.N. Report Says

8/20/05   Old Soviet Bio-war Factories Pose New Threat  --half abandoned, little security, stored pathogens, spread thru old empire

5/06/05   U.N.'s ElBaradei warns of nuclear apocalypse  proposes 5 yr. moratorium on enrichment

4/03/05  Aging Warheads Ignite Debate do they work, are they dangerous, is it better to replace with new designs?

2/11/05 Biology Advances --bad and good --synthetic biology "tadpoles" make detection of biological molecules (and pathogens) much easier

2/10/05  Radiation Antidote pill  simple vitamin base, being tested by Pentagon

1/15/05  Bio-terrorism War Game Shows Lack of Readiness  various questions

12/31/04  Chemical Weaponry  --an easier, but less deadly recipe for terror
Technical Hurdles Separate Terrorists From Biowarfare   but creating dangerous pathogens is becoming easier  
Nuclear Abilities May Elude Terrorists  at least for quite a while 

12/16/04  Rus-American Nukes Still Virtual Hair Trigger Alert -- Russian early warning system very inaccurate today

12/14/04  Disputes slow arms safeguards in Russia   Growing mutual distrust --Millions in U.S. aid held up by access, liability issues      Renewal of arrangement in Doubt

12/14/04  States Still Struggling to Prepared for bio-terrorism ---only six states are fully capable of distributing life-saving vaccines and antidotes from a federal stockpile in an emergency

11/11/04  U.S. Still Unprepared for Biological Terrorism drug companies do little, progress slow, great risk

7/12/04  Intercepting Bioterrorism --still a need for crash program for antidotes by Chris Cox--House passed bill, Senate delayed it  See Also We're Not Ready for a New 9/11 about missing civil defense training-- keeping heads in sand

8/3/04  U.S. Torpedoes Treaty to Limit Spread of Fissile Nuke Material -- rules only apply to others, not to U.S. and its allies

6/22/04  Report Faults U.S. Action on Nuke Proliferation  neglected to fight Iraq war

6/1/04  Russia Teams Up With Bush on WMDs  wordwide inspection

5/12/04  Threat of Dirty Bomb Grows, details on widespread sources   LA TIMES

5/9/04  Bush Neocons revamping U.S. Nuke program undoing decades of nuke weapons use taboos --plans for first strikes

5/9/04   Concerns about nukes on hair trigger alert  breakdown of U.S. Russia cooperation, neglect by Bush Administration

5/05/04  Ricin Updates --Al Qaeda trained French Arab arrested

4/02/04  Details on EPA 15 Millirem Threshold --Low Dosis Radiation is Healthy

3/11/04  Spreading danger of U.S. government funded research in biological weapons --if fall into enemy hands

3/11/04  Spreading danger of terrorist nuke --Bush Administration's focus on Iraq instead of threat posed by lost-stolen nuke material

3/9/04  Bush Wants to End Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty --cuz it interferes with new U.S. bombs and Bush Doctrine

3/2/04   Libya's Disclosures Put Weapons in New Light

2/21/04   Horrendous Possibilities in Bio-terrorism Developments

2/15/04   New York City's civil defense preperations and training for WMD broad program

01/04/04  If Nukes so easy to make, why do so few nations  have them? actually extremely difficult

12/12/03  Possible simple way to detect hidden nukes discovered. Muons, caused by break up of cosmic rays from space, bounce off dense metals like uranium.  Computer scanner would recognize such effects from a hidden or smuggled nuke.  See Popular Mechanics January 2004

12/12/03 Bio-Terror Preparedness Still Missing --even with small pox Washington can't get things done

12/7/03   Dirty Bomb Warheads Disappear in Moravia ---major smuggling center

12/06/03  Project to Incinerate Russian Chemical Weapons Fails

11/30/03  Smugglers Enticed by Dirty Bomb Components
Radioactive Materials Are Sought Worldwide

8/30/03   IAEA conference to discuss Israeli nukes for first time

5/10/03   Seven Iraqi nuclear sites looted  

4/14/03   False Information on "dirty bombs"    put out by Dept. of Homeland Security--widespread damage potential untrue --See All About dirty Bombs posted by Federation of American Scientists

3/9/03    E-Bombing Civilization   Military Industrials develop new weapon to devastate American cities, once foreigners get it, cheap and non-nuclear so geiger counters won't find it

3/28/03   New Technology for Early Warnings of Biological Attacks

2/13/03   Washington's Double Standard on Other Nations with WMD

1/06     Israel's Nuclear and Chemical Weapons  also used chem. weapons in past

12/30   Washington supplied Iraq chemical warfare materials for war with Iran  -updated information

12/26   U.S. Drags Feet on Smallpox --Israelis Getting Smallpox Vaccines

12/12   U.S. Possible Renew Nuke Testing

12/11   U.S. Warns of Nuke First Use if bio-chem attack against empire troops or to thwart terrorism

11/18  UN Inspectors will have new hi-tech wizardry to try to find WMD in Iraq

11/5   Iraq & North Korea may have Smallpox threat  Washington pondering mass vaccinations -- WASH. POST

9/27   Doubts About Anthrax Vaccine    Insight Magazine

9/26   Case for Early, Voluntary Smallpox vaccines more vaccinations mean less chance of epidemic--how to innoculate oneself after cases spread, if vaccines unavailable

9/24    U.S. sent Iraq germs in mid-'80s including  West Nile Virus, E. coli, anthrax and botulism were among the potentially fatal biological cultures that a U.S. company sent under U.S. Commerce Department licenses after 1985, when Ronald Reagan was president, according to the Senate testimony.

The Commerce Department under the first Bush administration also authorized eight shipments of cultures that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention later classified as having "biological warfare significance."

Between 1985 and 1989, the Senate testimony shows, Iraq received at least 72 U.S. shipments of clones, germs and chemicals ranging from substances that could destroy wheat crops, give children and animals the bone-deforming disease rickets, to a nerve gas rated a million times more lethal than Sarin.

9/26   Novak on how U.S. Provided Iraq with biological weapons to fight Iran

9/24   Chaos and carelessness in U.S. Bio-weapons --violations of treaties, anthrax now proven to cause chaos, etc

8/15   Combining viruses  --Doctors for Disaster Preparedness yearly meeting

8/8    The New Nukes   --Bush Plans to go "Nuclear" with small nukes--wants out of test ban treaties

8/6    Government Afraid to Warn Americans on Civil Defense measures  Wash. Post

7/7   America not much Safer than Before --but lost freedoms--efficiencies create vulnerabilities

5/27  Nuclear --Cases of Theft and Missing of Nuke material

5/9  Navy and Air Force Plan Biological Weapons  Against materials, not people??

4/4 Nuclear Terrorism -Facts & Fancies-- "dirty bomb is mostly hype" Fred Singer

3/25 Difficulties of Bio-terrorism   by Col. Carlton Meyer (USMC, Ret) Magazine of Future Warfare

3/15   Bush Lowering Threshhold for nuclear use violates promise of Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty--will lead to many more nations developing nuke bomb --Inter. Herald Tribune

3/10/02  Bush Hawks order Nuclear Use Plans Against 7 Nations

2/5/02  Worldwide Effects of Nuclear War --U.S. Government information

12/12  U.S. Army Producing New Anthrax Weapons --while we tell other nations not to

12/10  Basic Facts Now Known About Anthrax --Doctors for Disaster Preparedness, also what we know of old Soviet experiences

11/13  Pakistan and India Fail-Safe Mechanisms Feared as Weak --Pakistan Army Instability

11/11  Pakistan Hiding its Nukes -- fears of being destroyed or stolen

10/27  Anthrax Might be U.S. made --how it's analysed

10/17  Keeping Bio-Terrorism in Perspective  by Michael Fumento, Hudson Institute--scroll down to bottom of page--not such a great threat nowadays

10/14  Scott Ritter on Iraq Bio-Weapons today --"Iraq today represents a threat to no one."

10/6 Investigation of Anthrax death in Florida --a rare type--usually cases from skin contact, inhaling sickness requires large dose in enclosed area; sunlight kills spores

10/6  Anthrax Vaccine Maufacturer Still Can't Make it  Only maker in US can't pass inspections

10/6  Experts Debunk Bio-terror Myths ---very, very difficult, even for big Governments

9/21  Doctors for Disaster Preparedness Editor Dr. Jane Orient strongly recommends everyone should own   Cresson Kearny's "Nuclear War Survival Skills."  See Amazon or an electronic version is available at the link.   The booklet contains a wide range of information on survival skills. The booklet is also for sale for $20 by DDP.

9/4  U.S. Tests Biological Bomb  --claims it's defensive, doesn't violate Biological Weapons Treaty,  Former Counsel says U.S. in violation NY TIMES --(we wonder in developing such weapons, U.S. must assume that technology will be stolen, Ed.)

8/28  Flaw in Software May Mean Missing Nuke material in U.S.  Russians Discover Flaw in software sent by U.S. used to track nuke stuff from U.S. Nuke Disposal Aid program

8/20 Risks from Theft of Nuclear Fuels --State of Nevada Report site

7/11 Coming Conflict with Euros about new bio-weapons treaty-inspections

6/25  Civil Defense --moving ahead--Government plans for military to manage most procedures

5/1/01  Enriched Uranium Found in Colombia --possibly of Russian origin

1/11/01 Unacceptable Risk --Rus. Nuclear, Chem/Bio materials being stolen or sold to Enemies of America--Dept. of Energy Report, WASHINGTON POST    

1/1/01 Preparing for Terrorist Threat --INSIGHT article with links to sources and backgrounders.  See also Gov. Gilmore report

Center for Non-Proliferation Studies --lots of good, solid information--well worth visiting

Doctors for Disaster Preparedness --top site with authoritative information

Excellent Link List for General Information -weapons/defenses/warfare

The Nightmare of Bio-Terrorism  FOREIGN AFFAIRS, Jan-Feb, 2001

10/26/00 Threat of Unconventional Terrorism Overstated  NEW YORK TIMES--Better civil defense than 3 years ago, money misspent

Radiation tests for peacekeepers in Balkans exposed to depleted uranium

New CATO Report on Government Preparations Against Terrorism ---leaving Civilians unprotected--most money goes to protect government

New Anthrax Antidote Approved by FDA

10/26-Threat of Unconventional Terrorism Overstated   New York Times -Much better than 3 years ago, but money wasted, too much spent on sirens, rescue and bang-bang.   Only 14% of $1.5 Billion allocated to hospital preparations, public health infrastructure and biomedical research, but $10 billion for counter terrorism.

Federation of American Scientists --Excellent Info.--Terrorism Threat Studies

Washington Funds plan to make mini-nukes--9/23, undermines non-proliferation, implies intentions for "First Use" against 3rd Worlders underground command sites

WASHINGTON POST UPDATE  8/3/00 Pentagon stops shots, reports leak on ineffectiveness of vaccine and incapacitation of soldiers under attack even if they've taken it.

Moslem Views on American Concerns about Terrorism 8/6/00

US Officers Resigning over Anthrax Vaccine--questioning Pentagon --Wash. Post 1/30/00

Good News from Chernobyl   --Deaths & Disease Far Less than Anticipated--Accuracy in Media report   (Search on site for "chernobyl") We highly recommend AIM for its digging into media distorsions about Kosovo war and nuclear casualty questions.

Training bio-Chemical Teams for U.S. Cities & Updates on Civil Defense

New, Simple Anthrax Antidote Discovered 

New York Bird Virus Outbreak--Lessons for Bio-war Civil Defense

WASHINGTON POST op-ed 12/26/99) on anthrax     "Outside living organisms, bacillus anthracis exists as an inert spore.  Once the spore is inhaled, it enters the immune system, and can kill by causing devastating inflammation in the chest, known as mediastinitis.  It does not cause pneumonia and, therefore, does not produce respiratory droplets.  As a result, an infected victim will not spread it to others by breathing or coughing (unlike, say plague and smallpox, which are contagious).........The only effective way to disseminate anthrax is to aerosolize the spores and produce a fine mist.  Depending on your goals as a terrorist this may or may not suit your purposes.........Another key fact:   There is a three to five day incubation period while the spore wakes up.   Antibiotics administered during that period stop the disease cold."  Dr. J.B. Orenstein, emergency physician at Inova Fairfax Hospital.

MISSING NUKES:  The former Soviet Union produced 132  10 kiloton suit case sized atomic bombs.  Russian officials account for only 48 of them, according to Rep. Curt Weldon.  Some have charged that the weapons were brought to the U.S. long ago.  However, the good news is that smaller nukes degrade faster than big ones and many, after 10 years might no longer "work."

RADIATION UPDATE:  Accuracy in Media (June-B, reports on actual deaths at Chernobyl----"Fears that the radiation released from Chernobyl would cause thousands of deaths among those exposed to the fallout have proven to be groundless.  This is a tremendously important discovery.  The most effective argument against nuclear power is demolished by the low level of fatalities caused by the worst nuclear power plant laccident in history.   this is also an accident that will never be reapeated because it was the result of a badly designed plant being run by an incompeten, reckless staff.  This is big news.   It means that nuclear power plants in this country are safer than eveen their most ardent proponents have claimed.  It is disappointing to anti-neclear activists as well because they have been wrong all along......... The New York Times noted that 31 people lhad died in the first weeks after the accident........and 48 during the first ten years and that there was no evidence of an increase in any cancers except thyroid cancer.....(See AIM for original report)


Analysis of Terrorist (small) Nuclear Weapons Destruction Patterns

"What has emerged is international terrorism without state sponsorship. Ideologues with
massive, albeit loose, networks, like Bin Laden and his pan-Islamic army, self-funded
narco-terrorists like the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, Kosovo Liberation
Army, and organized criminals and cyber terrorists, to name a few.

"These are groups that operate independent of sponsors, in multiple countries, frequently
across the lines of the traditional geopolitical rivalries. Narcotics related violence
doesn’t discriminate between Moscow, London, Beijing, Mexico City, or Chicago.
Wahhabiism will strike in Saudi Arabia as quickly as in Tanzania, Malaysia, the
Philippines, Chechnya or in New York City.

"Terrorism that hits all sides equally and lacks a convenient national capital to bomb in
retaliation is scary and new. It is this brand of homeless, nonaligned, international
terrorism that is sparking enhanced cooperation." (01/01/01)



by Michael Fumento, HUNDSON INSTITUTE,

Excerpt released by National Center for Policy Analysis

    Experts say that elements of the news media are overreacting to
isolated incidents of bioterrorism.  They point out that
biochemical terrorism has been attempted many times and failed
just as often.  All recorded biochemical terrorist attacks to
date have killed fewer people than one suicide bomber did in a
Jerusalem pizzeria.

   o   Among the myriad hurdles facing would-be bioterrorists are
       obtaining the agents in the first place, growing them to
       useable amounts and transporting them safely to the
       desired location of attack -- and finally releasing them
       in such a way as to cause harm.

   o   In the case of smallpox, it is difficult to keep alive
       outside of a host and the government has enough vaccine
        (15 million doses) to contain any possible outbreak.

   o   Anthrax is not contagious and the logistical hurdles of
       distributing it are enormous -- which is why such cases as
       have been identified have been extremely isolated.

Finally, the sarin attack within the Tokyo subway system in 1995
wound up killing only a dozen people.  Hitler had tons of the
nerve toxin, but didn't use it in World War II combat because his
generals told him conventional bombs were far more efficient.

Source: Michael Fumento (Hudson Institute), "The Fear Factor:
Real Danger Lies in Overreaction to 'Bioterrorism,'" Investor's
Business Daily," October 15, 2001.


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Doctors for Disaster Preparedness