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Breaking Through the Neo-Conservative Curtain

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TIME MAGAZINE  "......that worries some Pentagon thinkers.  In the next conflict, they fret, a really smart foe won't fight the U.S. in the skies or on the ground--places where victory is unlikely.  Instead, it will be smart and strike far away from the war zone--in the heart of a major U.S. city, perhaps--with chemical or biological weapons.  Even the slickest stealth bomber won't stop that."  (quoted by President Ed Crane of the CATO Institute)

Speech to D.C. Libertarian Convention

5/1 CONSERVATIVES have turned against the Kosovo war, the "neo-conservatives" have suffered their first very major defeat and criticism with the Heritage Foundation now having second thoughts.  Its foreign policy VP, Kim Holmes, wrote in Wash. Times that Heritage did not support NATO expansion to attack sovereign nations, against military actions for world empire.  Heritage publicist, Hugh C. Newton, "Other than Kristol and Kagan in the Weekly Standard, most conservatives are appalled at what we've gotten into ... and are very reluctant to commit ground troops, especially under a president we don't trust anyway," Mr. Newton said.     This was followed by the American Conservative Union's (which sponsors the yearly CPAC meetings) Century Dinner with leading conservatives from all over the nation.  William F. Buckley was the main speaker.  The loudest applause of all was for Phyllis Schlafly when she denounced the Washington/NATO attack on Serbia.

5/26   Former Vice President Dan Quayle has put himself squarely against American bombing in Serbia.  In doing this he has separated himself from the other major contenders for the Republican presidential nomination, Bush and Forbes,  who both favor bombing.

    As the disaster for American policy in the Balkans unfolds, the Iraq blockade/war will come under new scrutiny, as also 5/16  Cluster Bombs for Kids (Minneapolis Tribune).  The Serbian war will later draw new attention to Iraq and the misery inflicted by the U.S. Air Force on so many innocents.

FOREIGN AFFAIRS , "Real Weapons of Mass Destruction--Economic Sanctions" again breaks through the neo-conservative curtain with details of deaths since World War I from all weapons of mass destruction;  these include poison gas, biochemical and biological.  The real killer.


Top Conservative leader, Taxpayer Party Presidential candidate Howard Phillips, Opposes Bombing and War on Iraq


Top Religious Right leader, David Nobel, came out against the bombing/starvation of Iraqis in his last newsletter, quoting two Pat Buchanan columns.  Nobel is one of the most respected and dynamic younger religious leaders, unlike Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell as well as Gary Bauer who support the bombing/starvation program.


Breaking Through the Neo-Conservative Curtain (Thank God for the INTERNET)

    The big breakthrough is the knowledge finally being widely reported that a million Iraqis have died from the sanctions which have prevented reconstruction of the sanitation, fresh water, agriculture and electricity plants destroyed by American bombing in l990. Thousands of Iraqi babies and children die every month from starvation and disease from the U.S. enforced blockade. See our site, <Ambulances to Wallets> for the list.  Shamed by the news Washington is now allowing repair supplies for electric generators and agriculture and sanitation systems destroyed by bombing during the war.

    Jack Kemp, Robert Novak, John McLaughlin, Charlie Reese, Stephen Chapman, and many others have all opposed the "murderous" (in Novak's words) blockade. HUMAN EVENTS, the national conservative weekly, joined Kemp in calling for containment instead of killing, Gerald Loeb of the WALL STREET JOURNAL op-ed page came out for allowing imports of consumer goods to try to contain the growing hatred of America in the Moslem world.
    The WASHINGTON POST reported how school children are forbidden the imports of pencils since 8 years.
In an interview Kemp with FOREWARD, a Jewish newspaper, Kemp argues, "We contain North Korea, we contain Syria, we contain Iran, we can contain Iraq."

    The Internet allows ideas contrary to the ruling media, both conservative and liberal, to get through, it is a whole new world.  Log on and you'll read another world almost totally excluded from the big city conservative press.  (See MEDIA DISTORTIONS)


Washington to allow spare parts for repairs to oil fields.

    The Administration's new proposals would "authorize Iraq to spend $300 million to improve its oil export capacity," reports WASHINGTON TIMES (1/15/99),  "Sorely needed repairs to Iraq's dilapidated oil infrastructure have been held up in part by Americans on the U.N. sanctions committee who must approve the contracts to buy spare parts."  Iraq has only been able to produce some $2 billion of oil exports every 6 months, much below its now authorized oil exports of $5.2 billion.  As of May 4th we have not read more about this and believe that such repair supplies are still prohibited. (ed.)


    "America's Fruitless Obsession with Iraq" (CONSERVATIVE CHRONICLES) by Stephen Chapman (1/6/99)------

    "So what did the (recent bombing) attack accomplish.  Well, it let Hussein claim a victory of sorts, once again withstanding an onslaught by the greatest military power on Earth.  It also further alienated a host of countries--Russia, China, France and nearly all the Arab world.   These critics will probably respond by pressing to lift the sanctions.....We didn't use our fighters based in Saudi Arabia because we knew they would object...... The small and vulnerable United Arab Emirates denounced the whole operation.....Washington's stated goal of removing the Iraqi dictator ...evokes resentment and fear among people abroad: resentment because they think the US has no right to determine who should rule Iraq or anyplace else and fear because they wonder if their countries could be the next target of American wrath...Hussein had missiles armed with biological and chemical warheads during the Gulf War.  If he didn't use them then, when would he?"

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