America: A Beacon, Not a Policeman       America: a Beacon, not a Policeman

Powell Loses Against Neo-cons and War Party

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7/8      Powell Barely Surviving ---says they won't destroy him

5/28   Joint Chiefs and Europeans Weigh Against Neo-cons on attacking Iraq

5/14   How Israeli Lobby (and new Armageddon Lobby) Rule Congress  COUNTERPUNCH

5/12   Zealots and Crazies Around Bush for Unending War and Empire  by Georgie Anne Geyer

5/12   Richard Perle's Plans for Wars -----How neo-cons think --little concerns for Afterwards planning

4/15   Republicans in Congress -- Solid for Sharon  See also  How Israeli Lobby Worked Against Bush Father

3/24   Perle, Wolfowitz & Kristol --The men who run Republican Foreign Policy   Washington Post

3/19  Neo-cons influence in White House--Kristol & company--WASH. POST --new Pres. speech writer a Likudnik

3/24  Bill Bennett as Bibi's Boy by Pat Buchanan  new Likud unit to attack anti-empire conservatives by the former General of the Drug War

3/09/02  Feud Splits Bush Camp --SEYMOUR M. HERSH-- Pentagon vs. State Dept

11/17  Neo-cons dismayed war may end soon.---Threat to the warfare state

10/10  Fire Wolfowitz & Perle (who want war Islam) by Jude Wanniski

10/4  Novak on Anti-Powell Coaliton ---Neo-Cons desperate at loss of control over foreign policies --want mass bombing of Iraq and Syria

9/30     War Hawks Screaming Against Powell     

         Buchanan Answers Them --They'll Bring War with Whole Moslem World 

U.S. Jews Split--Many leaders support Bush/Powell  &  Wanniski to FORWARD

9/26    Hawks Ganging Up Against Powell   

9/26    U.S. Gives up "Go it Alone"-- Moderates Policies

7/1 Powell vs. Neo-cons on Anti-Terrorism

4/5 Republicans Divided on China --Empire Hawks  vs. Business & Trade

3/19 Europeans & Asians Like Powell, Fear Neo-cons at Defense--Wash. Post

3/9 Powell Put Down--Veers Towards TheWarParty

Powell Gets his Man for UN --Negroponte a Professional who knows the world,   -----but Wolfowitz at Defense, Rumsfeld Right Hand and delays/arguments about 2nd tier appointments

Neo-Cons and Bush Foreign Policy  --Fighting off the Neo-cons

Neo-Cons Attacking Powell--First Battle--He calls them "Bombers"

Gen. Powell and Neoconservatives --excellent analysis by Rockford Institute, (Note--Neo-cons love Rumsfeld--he asked for U.S. ground attack on Iraq two years ago--see Updates)

Wanniski on Wolfowitz and Madmen at the Helm-Buchanan on Wolfowitz-- "America, declared Wolfowitz, must be ready to go to war, and many should be prepared to die, for the principle of NATO expansion: if Russia dared to assert her own version of the Monroe Doctrine, and moved to block the NATO-ization of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, the US must be prepared to move against Moscow."

"War" Street Journal pushing for Bombers in Bush Administration  --wants Wolfowitz and Perle --by Jude Wanniski

World Looks with Relief at Gen. Powell Appointment --means less bombing

At Last A President Who Won't Meddle--LONDON TIMES, " The objection is to the concept of a global policeman with a random licence to kill.........The global intervention lobby will still be strong, a bizarre alliance of United Nations, aid agencies, arms manufacturers, soldiers and media propagandists. Against such imperialism, the voice of realpolitik and pragmatism will be small."

But Will Powell and Rice be Capable of Fighting off Neo-Conservatives Washington interests like Wolfowitz and Perle?

    The Presidency is weakened.  It will be much more difficult for George Bush to bomb (and he also is much less tempermentally inclined to making war), because the opposing Party in Congress, together with enough anti-interventionist Congressmen of the President's own Party, would withhold support.   This rule should apply to the whole world, except for some Arab nations whom enough Congressmen of both Parties will usually support bombing. 

   The Middle East, as usual, remains the prime thorn in the side of the U.S.  Every effort for peace is also under attack by the WarParty in Washington, although all polls indicate that solid majorities of Israelis and Palestinians want some kind of compromise and ending of the Israeli settlements which are the main stumbling block.  China is next, with the WarParty using every possible pretext to create military confrontation.

  "Bush advisor Dov Zakheim, for example, has written that the scale of atrocities in places like the Balkans (we add Iraq too, ed) is often exaggerated, and that in any case violating another nation's sovreignty threates 'to unravel the entire fabric of international relations.'   Zakheim concludes that we should intervene 'only when our own interests are clearly at stake, or when genocide is so manifest that refusal to act would destroy our moral leadership of the free world.'" NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE 1/14/01

    The close division of the Senate has positive aspects for foreign policy, in that it may weaken the cold war carryover (an 80 year old Senator Helms who never travels runs the foreign relations committee) of military-industrial-Congressional logrolling, allow some new thinking about defense expenditures and strategies, and a debate about the hair trigger timing of Russian and American nuclear missiles.  We quote an excellent European analysis-----

    "The web of civilian experts that stretches from inside the bureaucracy to the Senate to the universities to the specialist think tanks to the arms manufacturers produces a hardened force of opinion, almost immune to any counter-strike. As General Eugene Habiger, the recently retired commander in chief of all U.S. strategic nuclear forces, put it, "We have reached the point where the senior military generals responsible for nuclear forces are advocating more vocally, more vehemently, than our politicians to get down to lower and lower weapons." His predecessor General George Lee Butler goes even further both in wanting to totally eliminate nuclear weapons and in highlighting the savage tactics used by the pro nuclear lobby to publicly destroy the image and credibility of any high profile anti-nuclear campaigner." (by Jonathan Power-Transnational Foundation) (Editors)