America: A Beacon, Not a Policeman       America: a Beacon, not a Policeman

No Rogue Nation Missile Threat Against American Mainland--

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   The below links detail reasons why the so-called threat is totally unreal.  Real Reasons for anti-Missile system might be against a rogue Russian missile, against China's fledgling force, or to defend Israel and possibly Taiwan from neighbors.  But there is no foreseeable threat from North Korea, Iran, or Iraq.

Iran Missile Threat Debunked-Wash Post

How Washington Establishment Worked over the CIA to create Rogue Nation Missile Threat WASHINGTON POST report by Michael Dobbs  1/14/02

Iran Missile Threat Debunked --Wash. Post detailed study

CIA Alters Estimates of Threats--Non-Missile Attacks Likelier  -bio/nuke by ship or truck

How the CIA changed its Analysis under Political Pressure after Rumsfeld Commission declared that rogue states could have nuclear missiles targeted on America by 2010 --no way true

No Rogue Nation Credible Missile Threat--MSNBC Charley Reese --conservatives need to answer these arguments 

Ballistic Missile Defense --Federation of American Scientists

Missile Test had Homing Beacon

Media Ignores Missile Test Data --beacon not reported

Star Wars Lobby --Who, How, and $$$

Missile Defense Against What? --new questions

Scott Ritter on Washington's Lies about Iraq Missile Threat