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The Brains: Neo-conservatives,

The Brawn: Military- Industrial- Congressional Establishment (MICE), Big Media (ratings soar with war), The War Street Journal, The "Blue Team" --Washington's Lobby for Conflict with China--Who's Who,  Armageddon Lobby

The Players: Beltway Bombers,  Euro-socialists, Cia/FBI,  Turks (for Kosovo war and Iraq), NATO,

The Payers: Who Voted for War?  Who Voted to Pay for it?

Congressional Votes--Courtesy of Conservative Caucus

Republican Congressmen consistent against Kosovo War--Courtesy of Eagle Forum

Roll Call Votes in Congress  --Courtesy of

21 Senators Vote Against War NATO won no more than what Serbia accepted in pre-war negotiations

Conservatives Opposed Kosovo Effort by Ralph Hallow--who's against, who's for (American Legion against bombing, also the American Conservative Union (CPAC) Board voted unanimously against Yugo war).

Constitutional Questions, United Nations, Geneva Convention, Nuremberg Precedents,                   

War Crimes: (Who's)

Who We Are:

A Conservative Libertarian Coalition opposed to those in America who want world empire and think they benefit from (small) wars.  Particularly we recognize that it is Washington which has now launched 2 major  unprovoked wars and many bombing attacks during the last 8 years.  We note that it was generally the "Washington Establishment" of both Parties (Clinton Democrats + Republican dinosaurs) which supports war.  They were opposed by Freshman and Sophomore Republican Congressman, Buchananites, Conservatives, old time liberals, and minorities.

"I know not whether taxes are raised to fight wars, or wars are started in order to raise taxes." Tom Paine (COMMON SENSE)

"Peaceful trade with all nations, entangling alliances with none" (FOUNDING FATHERS)

Alcibiades and the War Party (from Thuycidides) Parallels for America

Foreign Views:

Europe Splitting from U.S. policies

Foreign Views/Reports on the American World Empire  UK, France, India, Greece, Canada

"Washington & Turkey - More Hypocrisy"  by Ted Carpenter/Cato

Explaining Leftists' War Support  NEW STATESMAN (UK)--"the White Man's Burden"

English Against Bombing  News, Views, Links, Poems, Meetings

The Consequences:

The War Party's fondest dreams come true, endless war, vast budgets, enemies everywhere, a war footing for America for years to come.  Their support for settlements on the West Bank and the misery blockade of civilian reconstruction in Iraq helped bring about the attack on the World Trade Center, and now the American response.

Losing China--Until 9/11 the WarParty focused on China, exaggerating the threat, using Protectionist and Isolationist fears, to try to create confrontation and conflict.  Also What Really Happened at Tiananmen Square--The Myth and Realities and final significance. 

Losing Russia --How the WarParty antagonized Russia and creates new enemies--Short history of what went wrong with US policies

Israel & Palestine --Washington becoming enemy of whole Moslem world--Foreign policy run by domestic politics

Losing our own Freedoms  "The greatest cost of world empire will be the loss of Americans' own freedoms"

Bombing of Yugoslavia Awakens Anti-U.S. Feeling Around World The Washington Post

"Destabilizing the Whole Structure of American Foreign Policy," NYT --good news for the American "War Party," lots more enemies.

NATO Triumph may Trigger Nuclear Proliferation by Joyce Davis, Knight-Ridder -- only defense against US attacks.

Wrecking Emerging East European Economies on Bulgaria by CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR--Billions of lost business and trade blockage (from US destroying Danube bridges) for Balkan and Black Sea nations.

The Balkan Disaster Twilight of a Peaceful Europe

The Danube Disaster Billions of Dollars of Lost Trade, Economic Losses for struggling Balkan nations (Wash Post 7/29/99)

The Romanian Disaster Wash. Post reports ruins/costs of lost Danube shipping

Opinions and News:

War Party's China Hands--Wash.Post. Who & How

Accuracy in Media on China Spies--"Fact or Convenient Fiction" by Sam Cohen-- some secrets intentionally given away.

The War on Yugoslavia by Paul Miniato --an excellent wrap up history of Kosovo War with detailed links to sources

The "Pipeline Map"  Interesting interpretation of Kosovo war.  Trying to show rational purpose for US military presence in the Balkans, the potential oil route for Caspian oil

The Turkish Pipeline (but thru Iran only needs 250 miles)

America Moves Towards First Strike Capability Consequences of pinpoint accuracy

NATO to Help Modernize & Train Ukranian Military

Costs & Consequences of NATO Expansion & Rus. Fears - an excellent analsis


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