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First we note for our foreign readers,  please remember that this site is directed at Americans; although we are very critical of the U.S. government, our rights to publish are symbolic of the freedom we have and cherish in this great nation.  Liberty, freedom of speech, and free elections allow us the possibility of changing the rulers that we have here.  Note from our reports that there was tremendous resistance in America against the War Party. (Update 11/08 --Obama's win was a repudiation of Bush, the neoconservatives and the War Party!!). Today (8/17/10) we see how Obama himself has pretty much capitulated to The War Party. It shows how poweerful it is.

In case of inactive/obsolete links, most topics can be searched on the internet using their titles, author or information and a substitute link will be found on the topic.

This site has two readership groups,  those finding it for the first time and those returning for research and updates.  We are primarily a research site. We started in 1999 and post information from that time.   We recommend your inscribing with the Washington Post and New York Times, which will then allow easy access to their articles which are the most frequently used sources during the last few years.

FOR NEW READERS --We suggest a general look over from the top down or, for particular interests, clicking on one of the headings at the top of the main page.  After that look at the left hand column for specific interests.  Our most read pages are

Armageddon Lobby,
News of the Empire,
Military industrial Congress complex,
Lies from First Iraq War,
Jewish & Israeli Peace Groups,
Bush Administration Lies,
NATO-US Lies for Kosovo War,
(remember this was done by Democrats)
and others, including lost constitutional freedoms. You will need to survey the site for other topics

FOR RETURNING READERS -- Some 75% of our readers are returning.  UPDATES & NEW LINKS are posted at the top of the web pages or at the top of the different section subject matters.  The most frequently updated sites are News of the Empire (& Iraq)  Israel-Palestine News        Other most commonly read topic include former President Carter 1999 article , The War Party,com, Torture NewsVarieties of American Bombs, Iraq Civilian Deaths after 1990 plus many other topics for research on war, empire, and (lost) constitutional freedoms.

Subjects with a red cross + are among the most read articles and which are still relevant to current foreign policy.

This site started up oriented towards free market conservatives (called liberals in Europe) for whom "anti-war" news was very suppressed in "their" media, e.g. WALL STREET JOURNAL OP-ED, NATIONAL REVIEW, FOX NEWS, WEEKLY STANDARD, RUSH LIMBAUGH, GORDON LIDDY, etc. 

Today, however, the news is "out" for most Americans, but much unpopular news is still rarely reported. Also, the old divisions of Right and Left are no longer applicable.  The split today is between those who want freedom, limited government and economic prosperity against those promoting aggressive wars, empire, glory and ruling the world.  They come from both Right and Left.  Others are confused by the War Party's great power in Washington, the media, and especially in Congress (through earmarks).  If our articles don't answer your research or curiosity, their titles and subject matter can still lead you to relevant search goals on the internet.
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