America: A Beacon, Not a Policeman       America: a Beacon, not a Policeman

The New Military Industrial Complex

Why Nearly as Much Military Spending as Before Communist Crash? 

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Now it's called the Military-Industrial-Congressional establisment, the MICE.  On any war or bombing issue most establishment Republicans and Democrats are in favor (witness the Republican Senate Committee Chairmen who supported bombing Serbia) while it's Freshman/Sophmore Republicans in Congress and old Liberals and minorities which are more opposed.  The House of Representatives with its higher turnover is much more opposed to American military imperialism.  Washington's establishment (journalists, think tanks, military, Congressmen, FBI/CIA security establishment all thrive on war and conflict overseas).  Now with Iraq we see the same forces at play.  When bush first came in, it was China that was the objective of the War Party, now it's the Moslems, but any war will do.

Military-Industrial Lobby -guts arms control treaties so as to push new weaponry--retired generals, think tanks, wars    --Excellent Analysis--Why a 2 war strategy, Why are we spending nearly as much as before communist collapse?

America's Most Lethal Export--Selling Hi-tech Weapons Abroad and then asking Congress for newer weapons funding because   foreigners own and know about our current hi-tech weapons.  NEW YORK TIMES article by Oscar Arias, Noble Peace Prize winner.  Welfare for Weapons Manufacturers

Stock Market Profits for Weapons Manufacturers, List of Top Companies, Spending Breakdowns

Cold War 2, Kosovo's Legacy Was it all planned to create a new Cold War 2 for interested parties.   Barbara Ehrenreich thinks so in this well thought out piece sent to us from a reader of the LA WEEKLY.

Military-Industrial Complex 40 years later