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 "In his brilliant book, Metapolitics: The Roots of the Nazi Mind,  Peter Viereck detailed how so many of the founders of Germany's National Socialist Party were artists, writers and academics. They were 'intellectuals who lusted for brute violence ... a Bohemia in arms,' wrote Viereck, who warned of 'bloody-minded professors' running amok in politics." by Eric Margolis on Neo-conservativesIt can be argued that the invasion of Iraq was a "Think Tank War" of intellectuals to which the "War Party" happily went along as they saw all the money to be made from unending wars.   Today the term "neoconservative" has morphed from leftists who joined Reagan to include old conservatives who have taken up the neocon call to bombing and empire while supporting a growing police state in America--- See also War Party Biographies

See also Neoconservative think tanks, periodicals, and key documents   Excellent summary from CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR  See also Neocon Watch

8/18/10  Neocons Support Obama --defending him against conservatives because of his war stance and defense budget increases

8/04/09  Intellectuals' Lust For Wars  --"Belief in Regenerative War: Why So Many American Intellectuals Supported the Iraq War"   Not to forget--a very good review of how so many see war as a  "crusade to regenerate American will and standing in the world"

622/09  US Officials Leaked False Story Blaming Iran for Khobar Attack  New evidence that it was an Al Qaeda attack-- another Neocon promotion

5/22/09  Neocon Group Calls For Censorship and Military Strikes on Media  JINSA report

1/02/09  Shake Up at AEI --Neocon support Hillary for Sec. of State--Danielle Pletka is new Foreign Policy director, Michael Ledeen pushed out

12/31/08  Where Have All the Neocons Gone  Having wrecked the Right, will neoconservatives revert to their left-wing origins or double down on the GOP?

12/22/08  Neoconservatism in the New Era --Democratic Party close links

11/20/08  Neocon-Likudnik, Sen. Lieberman, Gets Chairmanship of Senate Committee On Homeland Security  uses position to inflame relations with Muslims, Lieberman was active with the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq (CLI), founded in late 2002 by Bruce Jackson, a director of the neoconservative Project for the New American Century (PNAC)

11/07/08  Where Are They Now  --leading neocons land safe births in Washington   still powerful

11/04/08  Doug Feith Finds a Home at Hudson Institute  -along with loads of neo-cons

8/01/08  Joe Klein of TIME --daring exposure and attack on Neocon Warmongering  and     Followed up by Jim Lobe Neocons and Religious Right allies responding

7/27/08  Neocons (& Bolton) Flock to McCain         McCain Thick with Neocon Advisors, Theories of Empire and Wars

7/10/08  Update and Synopsis of Douglas Feith Actions and Statements, report about Zakaria new CNN Show

7/08/08  On Understanding Neocons  humiliation and beatings of young Jews in slums as poor immigrants, e.g. Podhoretz, Perle, Sheldon Adelson, fantasizing toughness, use of power, etc., by Jim Lobe's fascinating study

6/09/08  No Doubts that McCain Is a Neocon  long record of spouting the imperialism, self- righteousness, Israel Firstness and ignorance of the outside world that typify neocons

5/27/08  Neocons (at AEI) Calling For Larger Army   but no cutbacks in Air or Navy, needed for new interventions in Africa and future wars, no cost estimates.  (We point out that every service person average cost with retirement is $120,000 per year, while some estimates for cost of each combat infantryman in the field is about $400,000 per year.

5/11/08  5 Myths on "Who's Really Pro-Israel?" disputes conventional wisdom on which ides really help Israel,  by director of J Street (anti Likud)

4/20/08  Daydream Believers: How a Few Grand Ideas Wrecked American Power by Fred Kaplan interesting analysis of neo-conservative and Jewish thinking and mind-set in promoting war

4/27/08  Doug Feith Georgetown Contract Not Renewed  many professors outraged over appointment of architect of Iraq disaster, man who ordered dismissal of Iraq  civil service and whole military

4/18/08  Neoconservatives as "Tough Guys (Guise)"  War and empire wanters analyzed (hint-most never served in military nor rarely were ever in a fight)--"as a country that is inherently good, our invasions and bombs are well-intentioned."

3/16/08  The War Was About Oil --but not wanted by oil companies or international business-- but yes by intellectuals (neoconservatives) "empire wanters" and "War Party"  profiteers.

2/01/08  Neocons Shaken, But Not Deterred  see Jacob Heilbrunn's new book They Knew They Were Right: The Rise of the Neocons (Doubleday),

1/18/08  Conservatism in America by Paul Gottfried - How Neocons work with
old liberals (e.g. NY times publishes Kristol, but not Buchanan or Gottfried),
the fight against neocon control of major conservative foundations, e.g. Heritage,
and media, e.g. Wall Street Journal, National Review, a top grade writer and analyst.  Reviewed by Peter Gemma

1/14/08  "They Knew they Were Right- The Rise of the Neocons" book review - a history of their origins

01/02/08  Polls show most Jews oppose Israel Lobby/War Party Hawks 68% unimpressed by "the surge," 67% opposed invading Iraq, wholesale rejection of Bush-Neocon Agenda, AIPAC, etc are unrepresentative and 'Bad for the Jews'

12/06/07  The Man Behind the Torture  Cheney's Cheney, David Addington

11/19/07  Early Support of Bush by Neocons as way to take power using the Religious Right for empire agenda and wars see Video of interview with Craig Unger, book author, "The Fall of the House of Bush"

11/15/07  "Islamo-Fascism" a Bad Name and a Worse Idea -- dissecting the neocon propaganda term to promote more wars

9/10/07  New Furor About Who Ordered Disbanding Iraq Army  planning from Likud agents in Rumsfeld office, see Douglas Feith

8/7/07  Giuliani Stacks Campaign Staff with Neoconservtives  Podhoretz picked as foreign policy adviser

8/4/07  AEI: Caught Between Its Likudist Heart and Its Corporate Head  Neocon drive to cut off communication and trade with Iran vs. donor interests of major corporations which fund AEI

7/24/07  It was intentional to wreck Iraq as a nation state  "that if Saddam Hussein were driven from power, Iraq would be "ripped apart by the politics of warlords, tribes, clans, sects, and key families," and out of the "coming chaos in Iraq and most probably in Syria," the United States and her principal allies, namely Israel and Jordan, could redraw the region's map."

4/12/07  Excellent report on Douglas Feith  and origins about the war by Arnaud de Borchgrave

4/11/07  Neocon Godmother (Jeanne Kirkpatrick) Rethinks War- New Book argues Iraq War a Mistake

4/12/07 Attack on Iran Planned Years before 9/11 all the details

3/11/07  Democratic Neocons Similar to Republican Ones  also subject to special interests which want an aggressive U.S. foreign policy--globalizing corporations, the military industrial complex, pro-Israel lobbies, those who covet Mideast oil---want a more competent "global American peace."

2/11/07  Why Libby's Pardon is a Slam Dunk  by Frank Rich -- he knows too much about whole war operations, lies, cover ups, propaganda

2/10/07  Pentagon Inspector General Testifies to Senate Douglas Feith (see also All Roads Lead to Feith) office gave White House intelligence "inconsistent with intelligence community consensus" meaning lied about Al Qaeda Saddam connections to justify war
Doug Feith on Fox News trying to explain   how he falsified information and misled Bush- actually keen questions by Fox anchor Chris Wallace
More on Feith
What has the Pentagon's third man done wrong? Everything.

2/9/07  "Dubious" Intelligence Fueled Push for War  Douglas Feith office under scrutiny by Senate Committee -- Feith a key neocon aid to Wolfowitz

1/14/07  Another report   that it was Douglas Feith, Rumsfeld's Deputy, who drafted the decree firing all Iraq military & government officials with Bathist Party membership (nearly everyone, even school teachers).  Feith was very close to Likud and former law partner represented Israeli settlers on West Bank.

12/21/06  NeoCulpa   Neocons turn on Bush-Rumsfeld-- The whole Vanity Fair Article (cited below) of Neocons judging Bush disaster -- "demolished the sense of invincibility of American military power," "the looting was the decisive moment...the moment this administration was lost was when Rumsfeld said 'stuff happens, this what free people do'....It's not, it's what barbarians do."  Ken Adelman

11/19/06   Embittered Insiders Turn Against Bush  Neocons jump ship, blaming Bush-Rumsfeld incompetence (after they held the inside jobs, e.g. ordering dismissal of all civil servants and soldiers) quotes from many --Vanity Fair

11/03/06  Neocon Mea Culpa Perle, Edelman, others interviewed, admit disaster, neoconism dead for many years, all claim they underestimated Bush Administration terrible incompetence

11/02/06  The Neocons Nadir?  Former Secretary of State Al Haig, a strong supporter of going to war in Iraq, shocked many here two weeks ago when he told a widely-viewed CNN Sunday talk show that the war had been "driven by the so-called neocons that hijacked my party."   He referred by name to Richard Perle of the American Enterprise Institute and the Pentagon's Defense Policy Board and former Deputy Defense Secretary (now World Bank President) Paul Wolfowitz, as well as the editorial-page writers of the Wall Street Journal.

9/27/06  John Bolton & U.S. Lawlessness  "Bush administration's international lawlessness did not come from nowhere. Its intellectual foundations were laid long before 9/11 by neoconservative intellectuals such as United Nations Ambassador...."  Toronto Star on Lawlessness in Afghanistan policies

9/17/06  Neocons Set Back by Lebanon  analysis of consequences for Israel and U.S. alliance after war

6/12/06  Neocons Fomenting Attack on Iran  want to use nukes to instill fear in other nations U.S. must be obeyed -- by Paul Craig Roberts

4/15/06  The Dark Heart of Dick Cheney  the invasion, torture, the destruction of worldwide goodwill towards America, one of America’s greatest disasters, all come from Cheney and his neocon entourage,

2/19/06  Think Tank Watch  updates on Neocon Foundations

2/06/06   As 'Neocons' Leave, Bush Foreign Policy Takes Softer Line  Condi Rice brings back professionals to work with other nations-- less confrontation and arrogance Wall Street Journal

1/11/06    Faking the Case Against Syria  Another Neocon war Project in Abramof's Office

11/08/05  The Dark Heart of Cheney (and his neocons) by Georgie Anne Geyer

10/29/05  A Top Neo-con Goes Down  Libby also Counsel to Cox Committee Report in late 90's with exaggerations and lies about China to promote military spending and confrontation  ---Cheney Office also main force for "Torture Memo" of Gonzalez

9/16/05   The Growing Police State --Neo-con Jacobins

9/12/05  The Rise of Neoconservatism and the Fall of the Republic by Edward H. Crane and William A. Niskanen (CATO)

new10.gif (281 bytes) 8/19/05  Dual Disloyalty - Douglas Feith on Iraq and Gaza - the Likud agent who influenced (made) U.S. policies

7/29/05  Michael Ledeen, Larry Franklin involved in Africa Uranium lies, forged documents  to start war

7/10/05  Second Thought From a Repentant Hawk  -- misjudging the incompetence of  Bush - Rumsfeld execution of war,  by Eliot Cohen

6/27/05  Korean Government Cuts Off Funding for Neocon American Enterprise Institute  had given $1.4 million

6/17/05  Rice Reigning In the Neocons

5/10/05  Europeans About Neocons  Awareness in world

4/25/05  Profiles on Leading Neocons --fascinating, in depth reports

4/25/05  All About Feith --fascinating report on his background, actions, No. 3 in Defense Dept.

4/1/05  Realists Rout Neocons--Coup at The National Interest

3/22/05  Boltonites Still Fighting the Last War--claiming Bolton will stand against 3rd World when America needs to work with rest of world     4/12 Bolton Congress Hearings "a kiss up, kick down kind of guy" promoting lies on Iraq and Cuba

3/22/05  Realists Rout Neocons--Coup at THE NATIONAL INTEREST by Justin Raimondo

3/22/05  Neocons' reassignments receive mixed assessment  Wolfowitz, Bolton

3/17/05  Wolfowitz Move to World Bank Alarms Europeans  but less harmfull than at Pentagon

3/13/05  Europeans Focus on Neocons   EXCELLENT SITE very comprehensive, interesting links, understanding American power structures, alliance with Armageddonites

3/12/05  Neoconservative  Organizations in Washington  list of foundations

3/08/05  Bolton to U.N.  A Slap in the Face to the Whole World -- big neocon, war supporter, military industrial complexer,   

2/23/05  The Neocon Devotion to Doctrine  Bush's reading Sharansky, etc. by Leon Hadar

2/4/05  Which Foreign Policy  Neocons appear to be losing power

2/3/05  Elliot Abrams   formerly in charge of Middle East policy promoted to deputy national security advisor to Bush --zionist, but worldly, more moderate, not clear how power effected

1/30/05 FEITH OUT --Pentagon Neocon --war promoter, architect of policy to dismiss whole Iraq Army & Civil Service, long time Likudnik --follows John Bolton, another top neocon gone!!      All About Feith  Salon

1/15/05  Neoconservatives in Disarray   --losing top spotsat State, unsure among themselves, John Bolton out -- by Jim Lobe

1/12/05  Neocons Losing Control of White House-- Pat Buchanan --Where once Rumsfeld, Cheney, Rice, and Bush marched in lockstep with the neocons, U.S. national interests and Bush political interests seem now to diverge from the neocon agenda

12/23/04  Neocons vs. Rumsfeld  Attack by Kristol & other neos to separate themselves from failed venture --argue that occupation of Iraq just badly managed

12/12/04  How the Neocon Network Worked  to take over power and make money in Washington

11/11/04  Philanthropy Roundtable -- the millions of funds for Neocons (ex Earhart Foundation)

10/11/04  new10.gif (281 bytes) Traditional conservatives Rebelling at Neocon Control of Republican foreign policy

See also   Israeli Spying in America File   latest news

9/16/04  The Sleaze of Richard Perle  Prince of the Neocons

9/11/04  Neocons Blast Bush Inaction on Spy Case

9/6/04  20 Years of Neocon Spying and Betrayal  details, details, security clearances, top U.S. weapons sold to China (by Israel), etc.

9/6/04   Spy Case Renews Debate Over Pro-Israel Lobby's Ties to Pentagon  NY Times

9/1/04  Neocon vs. neocon    by Martin Sieff (Salon)

8/31/04  AIPAC Officials Identified   grow careless as their friends rule Washington

8/30/04   Slander of George Soros by Republicans & Likud Operatives after he argued that Sharon policies (supported by George Bush) mainly responsible for new anti-Semitism around the world.

8/29  FBI & Israeli Spy -top Pentacon (Pentagon Neocon) civilian in Feith office was also dual national Israeli Air Force officer--maybe just careless because Israeli Likud & Bush neoconservatives work together-- --also NY TIMES report

8/29 Justin Raimondo  Axis of Treason   Spying Report on  lots of links to past events

Neo-con Wrap Up --what happened to end Chalabi and wrest power from neocons 

Neocon Rulers of Washington -names, bios, pictures,   media, Foundations,--test yourself on "neoconism" --CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR

8/29/04  Neo-cons double as Israeli Agents and Spies --FBI Investigating Pentagon neocons....

8/17/04  More on Feith - Assist. Sec. of Defense  represented Israeli military contractors, tied in to Chalabi --business in Iraq, etc, etc.  See also All Roads Lead to Feith

++7/24/04  Key Neocon Publications and Institutes Listed  by Christian Science Monitor

7/24/04  Neocon Watch   Blog with interesting links

7/15/04  Fukuyama Withdraws Bush Support  opposed invasion, warned it would generate more terrorism

7/14/04   Neocons Losing Their Hold   discredited, but still in top positions in Administration

7/09/04  "America Alone" --Book Review on how Neocons took over, wrecked Aemrica's alliances and other  damage they did to America

6/16/04   Where are the Neo-cons Now? Summarizing the disaster for America of Bush's Neo-con policies --by Arnaud de Borchgrave

6/12/04 "Remarkable Change in U.S. Foreign Policy"   says Gerhardt Schroder,  At the Sea Island Summit, a Sea Change in U.S. Diplomacy  Washington now actively working with allies

6/12/04  Neo-Cons Baad --interesting list of Neocon Washington Think Tanks & links

6/12/04  Neo-con Wrap Up --what happened to end Chalabi and wrest power from neocons

6/07/04  Dog Days of the War Party  by Pat Buchanan --on federal investigations too

5/25/04  Perle's Millions -- doing well by promoting wars--military industrials and media

5/23/04  Gen. Zinni Blames Neoconservative Civilians   running Pentagon for massive mess in Iraq --authoring book, "Battle Ready", together with Tom Clancy out soon about disaster

5/17/04  George Will & Other Conservatives Breaking with Neo-cons

5/09/04  Going Back Where They Came From by Pat Buchan --neocon leader threatens to leave Republicans (good riddance, ed)

5/10/04  Reagan was not a Neocon   They always pretend that he would support their ideas

5/4/04   Farrakhan Warns America Becoming Enemy of Whole Muslim World  blames Neocons

5/3/04  Some Conservatives Welcomed 9-11 as giving "purpose" for an "imperial America" to inspire Americans--peace was too comfortable

5/3/04  Pentagon-Neocons' Advisory Panel --9 linked to billions of Pentagon contracts - War wanters' profits

5/3/04  Neocons Becoming Discredited Over Iraq by Jim Lobe

3/10/04  How  Neocons Took Over Pentagon Civilian Posts   by Karen Kwiatkowski -- A high-ranking military officer reveals how Defense Department extremists suppressed information and twisted the truth to drive the country to war.

2/28/04   Serving Two Flags --Neo-cons, Israel and the Bush Administration  Questions about some Spying

2/25/04  Top Neo-conservative Out  Bush finally gets rid of Perle --leader of the band of armchair warmongers

2/22/04   The Neo-con War on Peace and Freedom   by James Bovard --review of Perle-Frum book 

2/19/04  How Neo-cons destroyed Bush credibility---planning war from before 9-11, but Bush gets blame   by Pat Buchanan   Bush Lies Cartoon  made by Neocons

2/6/04  The Devil and David Wormser   Likudnik moving to Cheney's office to plan campaign against Syria

12/27/03  Whither Cheney --main power source of Neo-cons in White House --growing liability for Bush

11/29/03  The Original Neo-con plan to Destroy Oslo Agreement and get U.S. to Attack Iraq

11/6  Feith the Likud Propagandist --urged Israel to Abandon Peace Process in 1997  His Testimony       How He Lied             Iraqi Leaders Say U.S. Was Warned of Disorder After Hussein, but Little Was Done  (Feith also involved--Did Sharon want chaos in Iraq?)

11/13  Pentagon-Neocons' Advisory Panel --9 linked to billions of Pentagon contracts - War wanters' profits-Woolsey too ?-- Richard Perle- Chicken Hawk Down

9/30  Blame Republicans, not Neo-cons for the disasters and policy vaccum --

8/30/03   Neocon Rulers of Washington -names, bios media, foundations, test yourself on neoconism  from Christian Science Monitor

8/30   Paul Craig Roberts on Neocons Making Policy

8/23  Pipes Nomination a Slap in Face to World community -- shows Neocons still in charge

7/31  Are Neocons cooking their own goose?  Sacremento, CA

7/12/03   "We've Been Neo-conned"   by Ron Paul-- How Conservatives Lost Our Way to Limited Government --also on Michael Ledeen (Big AEI Neo)'s use of Machiavelli to justify American imperialism

7/01   More on Trotskyite Roots of Neocons  by Michael Lind

7/01   The "War Plan" to Invade Iraq --planned in '98 with Likudniks and The War Party--they used 9/11 to do it --NIGHTLINE  

6/23  How Neo-cons evolved from anti-communists to War with Muslims  needing an enemy to justify empire --by Leon Hadar

6/24   CATO's President Warns of Neoconservative Threat to American Freedoms

6/16   TROTSKY, STRAUSS, AND THE NEOCONS---War Party's leftist and elitist roots exposed by Justin Raimondo--one of the greatest writers on the sweep of history of Left and Right

       6/16   Neocons as Trotskyists   Answering Raimondo -- A thoughtful defense of many       neocons' intellectual heritage (meaning world conquest, statism, little constitutionalism)

6/16    The Mideast: Neocons on the Line   Newsweek on Wolfowitz and Neos

5/30   Neocons Being Outed

4/16   Bush Appoints Likudnik Pipes to Institute of Peace means neo-cons still run him

War Wanters  Biographies--Few Know  Outside World    

Answering NATIONAL REVIEW Attack on Anti-War Conservatives

Foundations Which Fund Neo-Conservatives     Big money for Big Government

How Neo-cons took over Washington & Launched a War  great analysis of  power play in Washington, origins and inter-connections in Washington     by Michael Lind

Where Do the Neocons Go from Here?   Business Week  --agenda for more wars conflicts with   domestic politics

Neocons Want to Change Their Name --getting very discredited--Paul Gottfried writes a masterful Overview

Neocon and Theocon Debate --How Neo-cons took over Conservative Movement

The "Neocons": From the Cold War to the "Global Intifada"  an excellent early history of Neocon's war movement

Neo-Cons Push to Declare Saudis as Enemies  --Neo's control Defense Policy Board & civilian Pentagon structure

U.S. Foreign Policy attacked by Reagan official --"perception of arrogance and double standards" alienating world---  Wash. Post.

How Neo-cons got started and then  took over

War Going as Neo-cons want it -  plans laid out to overthrow other Moslem governments    PentaCons (Pentagon Neocons) in charge   

The rise of the Washington 'Neo-cons'

Neocon Theory Primer    by Ralph Hallow

The Guardian  English view 4/14/03

List of neocons and their fellow travelers  note the tie-in with The War Party spenders, i.e. terrorism justifies tremendous new spending for weaponry mainly irrelevant to fighting terrorists

War Going as Neo-cons want it -   plans laid out to overthrow other Moslem governments   

PentaCons (Pentagon Neocons) in charge    


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